Why I am fighting counterfeits

There are probably just as many reasons to fight counterfeits as there are brands. We all have our own agendas. However – by fighting them, we share  the fact that we are contributing to a safer world, no matter the reason.


Still, we are so afraid of talking about our counterfeit problems – for various reasons  I would think. The fear of being mentioned “in the wrong context” most surely being one of them.


I have a son, he is turning 25 this summer – but his life could have ended half a year ago. In a manic period, he went out on the streets to buy something to calm him down – or even to knock him out – just so that his brain would get some rest. The diazepam pills he got, for sure, looked like the real thing to the untrained eye.


I found him passed out in his bedroom – they rushed him to hospital. They found ecstasy, cocaine and benzo in his blood – still, the blue pills were the only drugs he had taken. A lethal cocktail. He was on life saving machines for 2 days.


So, I for sure have my own reason fighting counterfeits. Moreover, I am not ashamed to talk about it. I have to talk about it. People need to be informed of the risks.


The down sides of counterfeiting are many. Deaths, slavery, trafficking and environmental risks just to mention some.


I have been working with brands in regards to social responsibilities and other CSR issues – and in my opinion, anti-counterfeit work touches all of the values within CSR: economical responsibilities, environmental responsibilities and social responsibilities.


I believe that all of us fighting counterfeits are contributing to a better world. Protecting your brand is all about taking responsibility. Responsibility for your company and staff, your customers and consumers, the environment and for people less fortunate than the rest of us. Therefore, the up sides of anti-counterfeiting are just as many as the downsides of counterfeiting. I would love to see the brands follow my initiative – share your stories and raise awareness to show the consumers that you care – there is a lot to gain.




Lella Brauner – Customer Acquisition Officer and Head of CSR at DH Anticounterfeit

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