20 January 2021

Why do we need a ISO-standard for brand protection.

The value of brands to brand owners are both intangible and tangible. Brands enhance the intellectual property rights and the related innovations of the brand owners. Brand reputation can often lead to brand equity resulting in great monetary value while at the same time, building consumer confidence. In recent years, counterfeiting activities have become even more fierce, which have caused harm to brands. Besides damages to brand owners’ intangible and tangible assets, such activities have also become a threat to the global economy and critical infrastructure assets, while risking consumer health and safety. Manufacturers of counterfeiting products are benefit-seeking, which means that they would provide poor working conditions, using child labour, feeding human trafficking and criminal organizations. Brand protection activities therefore are not only meaningful, but essential. By the protection of brands and their related brand reputation/image, sales and revenues are increased, IP assets are also protected, and their consumers’ benefits are eventually protected.

There are countless challenges with brand protection. Fundamentally, an universal terminology is missing in the field of brand protection. There are numerous terms meaning for the same thing but one international “brand protection language” would be needed. There are also different practices for doing the same task or meeting the same goal, due to the differences in team setup, the markets or industry. Thus it would be very helpful to align and define similar ways of working. Furthermore, the necessity to share experience and know-how with practitioners is well-aware. Finally, in the new digital era a common terminology is needed for facilitating and simplifying integration between digital platforms within brand protection

Of the above reasons, a brand protection standard is necessary, which can be leveraged by brand owners to make their brand protection activities efficient, effective, professional and valuable. ISO/NP 22386 is designed to provide guidelines for brand protection activities, aiming to build unified terminology and activity factors.

What the standard will cover?

The ISO/NP 22386 is therefore introduced, so as to propose support on a brand protection strategy and provides guidance to set up measures and to run enforcement actions. It is intended to standardize and simplify the communication between individuals and organizations involved in brand protection activities, in order to make brand protection procedures more effective and efficient. The standard covers the following contents:

– Foundation of Brand protection.
IP rights registration provides a legal basis for the protection of a brand.

– Set a goal for Brand Protection activities.
Identify the challenges of brand protection and the Return on Investment (ROI) for measuring the effectiveness of meeting the objectives.

– Building up a brand protection team.
Roles and responsibilities of a brand protection team, its structure and team focus.

– Brand protection strategy setup.
Align brand protection strategy with overall company strategy and connecting various departments is the first step of setting up everything. Areas to define in strategy and how to think around.

– Proactive actions and Enforcement.
Introduction to Brand protection enforcement.

– Data storage & case management.
How brand protection related data is stored and how cases are managed.

– Security & data integrity.
Security of information related to brand protection.

– Data analysis & Intelligence.
The possible adoption of data analysis and intelligence in brand protection activities.

Who is involved?

Within the ISO organization, there are more than 20 countries who voted YES to the proposal for this standard, and the participating countries include France (AFNOR), Germany (DIN), Japan (JISC), Sweden (SIS), United States, and Canada. The participating experts are from various industries, such as electronics and high-tech machines, and some work with world-famous brands.

If you would like to know more about the new ISO standard for brand protection or maybe you would like to participate in the working group please do not hesitate to contact DH Anticounterfeit at info@dhanticounterfeit.com.


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