28 October, 2020

The ISO 22386 Project, guidelines for brand protection and enforcement procedures.

We are responsible for drafting guidelines in the field of brand protection to support the achievement of ISO 22386, with the vision to give world-class guidelines for the practices, procedures and systems to ensure the quality, safety and efficiency of brand protection. The ISO 22386 provides society, business and professionals with the practical tools that helps ensure that what they develop and produce is fit for purpose.

23 countries voted for a new ISO standard

In May 2020 did 23 ISO member countries voted to accept the initiative for a new standard and the project started then.

This international standard describes the framework for how to work with brand protection. It is intended to simplify for involved parties to understand both each other and the processes in order to make procedures and results more effective.

Counterfeiting is a serious global problem

Counterfeiting is a growing, global problem and to protect its brand, reputation and consumers is an important action for brand owners in order to be responsible – both towards consumers, employees and the society as a whole.

We are proud to lead

This project bring together global experts to create a standard that is adopted the world over. We begin the process with the development of a draft that meets a market need within a specific area. This is then shared for commenting and further discussion.

From first proposal to final publication, developing a standard usually takes about 3 years. The project started in May 2020.

The project is one of the ISO/TC 292 / Working Group 4 on-going projects.

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