Make insightful decisions.

Empowering brand protection professionals to handle complexity with dh|a origo TM

Manage your everyday operations and make insightful decisions with dh|a origo TM, an innovative legal technology SaaS platform that empowers your business to analyse, interpret, and optimise brand protection. Ideally suited for brand protection teams, product security teams, IP enforcement teams, customer safety teams and more.


Tailored for the best brand protection team experience.

  • Seamless collaboration with your global brand protection service providers

  • Customizable prioritization algorithm

  • Smart identification process

  • Product knowledge management

Automate and streamline your workflow to focus on what makes true impact.

  • Bulk managing cases, milestones and actions

  • Multi-party communication center

  • Brand protection financial management

  • Automated reporting

  • Target connection visualization and analytics

Scale your brand protection effort by structuring data that you can trust.

  • Global enforcement statistics and intelligence

  • Open API and Integrated with REACT, IFSP and more

  • Visualize and quantify your brand protection efforts

  • Overview of all your cases, project, actions, target, service provider and products

dh|a origoTM

An innovative and intelligent SaaS solution for your entire brand protection work.

Our clients gain confidence and control at every stage of the case process. dh|a origoTM allows you to collaborate with team members, and partners to keep everyone on the same page sharing case information. With our built-in product library and sophisticated identification module and case reports, handling cases is a breeze. Dive into analytics by linking cases, products, and parties and work smarter in your battle against infringers. Bring intelligence to your daily brand protection operations. Next generation of CaseMate, dh|a origo is a new and innovative cloud platform that is built to stay ahead of counterfeiters.

With origo your team performance and efficiency will be improved.



An integrated suite of case management systems for brand protection

CaseMate is the ultimate tool for all your brand protection cases – both online and offline. It is a management system specialized in helping brands to streamline their daily brand protection tasks – making the team five times more efficient in handling cases. CaseMate can be implemented to manage infringements affecting any product category including fashion, industrial and consumer electronics, beverages, automotive, beauty and pharma etc. Today there are CaseMate users in more than 60 countries.


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