[CM1-55] Remove party/resource search

As standard, an ER user can search among all Parties/Resources in ER interface when a new case is created.

This can now be prevented by removing the Party search, which narrows down the search possiblities for the ER user and enables the CM user to match against already existing resources/parties in Import step in CaseMate.

If the Party/Resource search is removed in ER, then the ER user can only search amongs parties/resources he/she already added from before OR Add new ones.

When the case is being imported into CM, the CM user needs to match the parties/resources from ER against already existing ones in CM. This is done in the Import window as an extra “matching step”. The CM user can then chose if a new party/resource should be added or if it should be matched against an already existing one.



If you want to activate the “Party/Resource search removal”, please contact the Support.