Piracy is behind new employees

Press release 2017-12-28


More and more companies are choosing to protect their brands by identifying and removing pirated copies from the market. Stopping piracy has also become part of corporate social responsibility; in addition to preventing dangerous products from reaching the market, child labor and funding of criminal networks/terrorism are also stopped.


DH Anticounterfeit, situated in Halmstad, Sweden, has developed a web-based system that helps companies in their work to stop counterfeiting. From a recent raise of shares the company has received €1M. ALMI Invest, Entreprenörinvest and Asondo are recurring main investors in the raise, which also attracted six new investors.
“It is with great pleasure that we find that the interest has been large and the raise is fully subscribed to the last share,” said Joakim Gustafsson, CEO of DH Anticounterfeit.


DH Anticounterfeit, a spin-off of IT Solutions company DH Solutions, employs 15 people today and the staff is expected to increase further in the near future.
“This issue of shares allows us to strengthen our position in the market by employing more skilled employees and increasing the pace of our product development,” says Joakim Gustafsson.


Several international large companies with strong brands have discovered the benefits of DH Anticounterfeit system, CaseMate. This tool, is now used successfully around the world in various industries, including: automotive, luxury goods, clothing and accessories, games, electronics and beverages industries.

For more information, contact:
Joakim Gustafsson, CEO
DH Anticounterfeit AB
+ 46 35-179109