Illegal producers, suppliers, distributors and traders work in networks, and so do we.

Today we have brand protection teams, service providers, lawyers and investigators using our digital solution all over the globe for sharing data and insights, collaborating and communicating.

One of our prime partners. 

DJL is a leading legal service platform in China.

DJL works together with legal professionals in different fields to optimize and model the legal knowledge and dispute handling process in the field of IPR, and cooperates with the first-class information technology experts in China to implant the collective wisdom of many legal experts into the intelligent system.


Five reasons why you need a brand protection management platform

While online takedowns can be done at scale, it can sometimes feel like an endless loop or a game of whack-a-mole, where the products taken down from one place appear on other online channels the week after. Offline actions — investigations, raids, seizures, and litigations — targeting the source of the infringement can completely remove […]

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