Key Features Overview

Run your entire anti-counterfeit activities on a single, web-based software solution.

Ideally suited for large brand protection (BP) teams corporation, DH Anticounterfeits solution, CaseMate,  is an integrated suite that can run your whole BP in one place – receiving case report, assign tasks, sending letters to targets, communicate with external counsel, generate report, and conduct strategic data analysing.

CaseMate can be successfully implemented to manage counterfeiting cases affecting any product category, including fashion, industrial and consumer electronics, foodstuffs, and pharmaceuticals.

Thanks to this sophisticated case management tool, your BP team will be able to:


  • Simple case input, reporting and overview of cases
  • Web-based system for multi-users
  • Support in team workflow, including assignment of tasks, monitoring and assistance in legal actions
  • Deadlines and reminders for planned activities
  • Allow external parties (external lawyers, investigators and web-monitors) to report and communicate with BP team directly in the system
  • Support at the examination of suspected counterfeits (reference product library, inspection reports)
  • Data collection, add attachments and create templates
  • Analyse and find links between different counterfeit cases
  • Search function, statistics and history log
  • System and user security through passwords, authorization management and digital signatures.

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