15 Sep, 2021

Investing in brand protection management software

So you’ve taken the decision to implement a genuine brand protection management system.

We are not surprised. Many companies from all industries all over the world have taken the decision to invest in brand protection software to get the job done. Despite various actions from authorities, trade in counterfeit products is not going down. Counterfeit and pirated products amount to as much as 464 billion USD per year, and all industries are affected.

Although the serious impact, brand protection is a fairly new business function, which explains why digitalization has been lagging behind. Finance, sale and marketing all have advanced digital software to support their daily work, whereas brand protection managers are still jiggling with generic systems or with spreadsheets and email communications.

But since brand protection is complex with complicated processes, lots of data, and ping-pong communication with team members, partners, investigators, law firms and authorities, a powerful brand protection management platform can make a true impact.

So what are the benefits of a brand protection management system?

1. First of all, your team will become more efficient by streamlining their work and where some workflows will be automated and fully digitalized.

2. You will get a full overview of your data and activities, and structure your communication.

3. You will see connections between bad actors, discover patterns and find the repeating infringers.

4. You will be able to pull statistics, data analytics and create reports at a glance and be able to fully quantify the value of your work

5. You will also be able to follow up on the performance of your partners, investigators and local law firms.

6. Furthermore, you will maximize knowledge sharing and building up a knowledge base for your team.

7. Finally, you will become more data-driven and will start making wiser decisions based on insights and facts increasing the smartness of your organization.

Here are some hard facts for you.

1. With a professional brand protection management system your team can handle up to 5 times more cases according to our customers.

2. 69% of officials waste up to an hour a day navigating between apps and brand professionals are no exception.

3. According to our studies, 55% of brand protection teams mentions that they struggle to obtain even the most basic data.

4. By digitalizing the process, every case registered by a partner, investigator or law firm will save you up to 24% of the registration cost.

5. A professional brand protection management system does not only increase productivity and efficiency but enhances the employee experience and satisfaction, as well as improves teamwork and engagement.

At DH Anticounterfeit, we have been developing digital solutions for brand protection management for 15 years and our brand protection management system has thousands of users in over 60 countries worldwide.

We are used to holding hands with our clients in onboarding by hosting workshops, doing training, data migration and more to make this a successful journey in digitalizing your brand protection, to work smarter.

We offer DHA Origo, a digital platform to streamline your brand protection team and provide your business with the capacity to accelerate your brand protection efforts.


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