Are you handling more brand protection cases than you were yesterday?

There is always a band protection manager (BPM) who says that the number of their counterfeit cases has dropped after a certain action has been taken or a new solution has been introduced. Is that a good or bad sign?


Apparently, the BPM who report it considered this is a good news. Why? First of all, because the action has shown some effect. Secondly, it proves that in the area where the action was taken, less problems were identified and therefore it should be considered as a success.


But does this really mean the counterfeit problem is being dealt with effectively? Not necessary.


It is perfectly reasonable to expect more instances of counterfeiting as the value of a brand increases, in other words that the quantity of counterfeiting goods is increasing and it they’re showing up more often on various physical and online platforms.


On the other hand, a decreased number of cases could mean that the counterfeiters have found a way to escape the surveillance. Another possible reason could be that the brand is simply not as popular as before. Or even that another method of selling, producing and transporting of counterfeiting goods is being used as it is faster, cheaper and harder to detect by the authorities.


Ultimately, this is a question about what are the goals for brand protection team. By many job description, the position is aimed at protecting the brand from harmful usage of the brand, combating counterfeiting and other intellectual property infringements in the market.


The goal of brand protection must be in line with the company’s trademark strategy: to increase the value of the brand and facilitate the growth of the company. If the brand protection team can find the way to add to the brand’s value or sales revenue, then that’s a real success.


This means that the more high value cases a team handles, the more successful the team is. Therefore, fewer cases is not necessarily an indicator of success, rather the handling of more valuable cases should be your goal.


So, are you handling more cases than you were yesterday? Are you measuring your team’s value based on the increased number of cases only?