Global Brand Protection Innovation Programme, 17-18 June

DH Anticounterfeit will be attending the Global Brand Protection Innovation Programme, which takes place between the 17 – 18 June 2019, in London.

Every brand needs their heroes. Every hero needs superpowers
Protecting a brand can be a hard struggle and a tough fight. The enemy (besides the counterfeiter) being time, complicated law and different laws depending on which market, a nest of emails, excel files and trademark documents shared by all people involved. In other words – The people protecting the brand are heroes in need of superpowers.

Would you also like to hear more about our superpowers you are more than welcome to come to see us at our table in the meeting area – Or if you want to be on the safe side – book a demo and meeting now. You’ll find us easily.

CaseMate provides the superpowers needed by the superheroes defending the Brand. CaseMate allows BP teams to run their Anticounterfeit activities on a single, web-based software solution.

All case information in one place and in a structured way. Direct, easy reporting from external partners, e.g. investigators and external lawyers, using our External Portal. Communication between team members or external partners within the system.

Tools to analyze and find links, connections and trends among cases, heat maps, full text search. Customized reports for different personas within the company.

Return on Investment
Our statistic tool clearly will show the value of your Brand Protection efforts. The structure and intelligence of the system will allow you to gain efficiency and get a rapid ROI.