DH Anticounterfeit attends IP Seminar @ VOLVO CARS 8-9 Oct

Meet Lella Brauner (VP Marketing and CSR) and Joakim Gustafsson (CEO) in the IP Seminar in Gothenburg 8-9 Oct and learn why four of the largest automotive companies trust in us and CaseMate.

CaseMate is the ultimate tool for all your brand protection cases – both online and offline. It is a management system specialized in helping brands streamline their daily BP tasks – making the team five times more efficient in handling cases. To put it short – They become a Profit Team rather than “just” a Brand Protection team.

With a strong team of experts of law, brand protection, anti-counterfeit and system developing, we always strive to be at the forefront bringing our clients the latest news and updates. We believe in flexibility, transparency and responsibility with a vision of making the world a safer place.

More about the event: