DH Anticounterfeit attend 2nd Global Anti-counterfeiting & Brand Protection Summit

Don´t miss Zara Zamani´s speech, Friday 25th October 9:00


The problems associated with counterfeit products result almost wholly from a lack of transparency and immutability of the supply chain records. Put differently, if there were an unalterable record that rights holders, manufactuers, wholesalers, retailers and customers could all access and trust (as a reult of technology, not the naked eye), fraudulent product would lose its value. Moreover, law enforcement would have an efficient way to distinguish between real and fake. Some industries are leading the way in the protection of their likeness rights on products with blockchain. This efforts includes an end-to-end BaaS (Blockchain as a Solution) project that is currently underway, with a singular vision to eradicate counterfeiting. 


More info about the event: https://c-parity.com/2nd-global-anti-counterfeiting-brand-protection-summit/


Meet Zara Zamani, Blockchain Expert & Business Developer