Mobile communications industry

The following case study is a summary from our ebook, Anticounterfeit: A New Day Has Come.


Before adopting streamlined approach, our client in the Mobile Communications Industry had an ACA (Anti-Counterfeit Activities teams) team whose operations were organised in a decentralised system, where every point in the system may contain documents and information that is pertinent to any given case.


When the ACA team adopted CaseMate, one of the first things they noted was the simplicity that such a one-stop-shop software brought to their operations.


In fact, during the time the company used DH Anticounterfeit™ productivity levels in the IP team soared by 24%.


The decrease in the amount of paperwork involved, as well as the time saved on searching and connecting information from a variety of sources led to significant savings and faster, more effective legal action. This resulted in increased revenue, so that the investment made on the new system was quickly recouped.


The director of the Security & ACA department was very pleased with the results obtained from implementing a structured case management solution. In his own words: ‘If you are seriously into anti-counterfeit [then] a structured approach is a must.’

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