[CM1-70] Case Access for Case Mate users

“Case Access” function in CM (button in upper right corner in Edit view) now includes giving case access to Casemate users as well as ER users.

The function enables a CM user to give access to a specific case to another user, who normally does not have access to that case.


CM users and ER users are now both shown in the list (Internal and External users), in separate sections.

It is also possible to invite CM users outside the access list to temporarily view/edit the case (click the plus symbol). Examples of users outside the access list are users that do not have access to the specific country or corporation of the case in their standard user setting.


“Case Access” function overrides all User Settings.


If a case is assigned to an ER user, and the specific case is not present in ER, it will be published to ER when the case is assigned to an ER user (only visible to the chosen user).



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