[CM1-508] Add static text to Print-out

As a user I want to be able to enable a static text to always be added to the head of the printout/PDF of a case in CaseMate and the color of the text shall be red and bold.

If I am a TopAdmin I shall be able to configure this text in the admin section

Because If the data in CaseMate is considered confidential I want it to be stated on the reports from the system as well.


This is managed through Admin/General Settings by user with TopAdmin authority. At the bottom, there is a field to add the text (normally “confidential” or “top secret” but any text could be added).

settings printout

In the case, click on “Print” button.

print button

Choose to print out as PDF – the text will be printed out in bold and red on the Printouts to mark the document “confidential” or “secret”:

confidential mark