[CM1-491] Product search functionality in ER (product section)

As a user, I need a product search in ER interface in product section in order to search for products when there is a large amount of products in customer’s portfolio.


Now there are two ways of finding the product you are looking for; either by using the filters (as before, but now with new placement) or using the new product search.
When writing three characters, the search will start and present the result in a drop down list. It will search on the fields product name, product category and product description. 

When chosing a product, the fields below will populate with the product information.




Do you prefer using the standard search filters for finding your product?
Simply click on the filter symbol (marked in yellow in image below) and the filter for Product Top Category and Product Category will appear on top.



By implementing a product search, we hope to make it easier and quicker to find the¬†correct product and add it to the case – especially if the customer’s portfolio consists of a large amount of products.