[CM1-43] Damage Prevention Value

What this function shows is a classification of targets against which measures are taken and become effective. The classification is based on the type and size of the infringer’s business. The value shows in money (estimation from client) how much damage is prevented by taking measures against this infringer. The function is designed to support you in showing the value of the work you are doing and the measures you are taking against counterfeit infringers.


The admin defines the following in Settings:

  • Which Resource/Party Categories should be marked as Preventives and be a “preventive qualifier”.
  • Add Prevention Values – i.e. defining the table below. The Resource/Party categories defined as “preventive qualifiers” can be chosen in the list and the admin defines different combinations of Resource/Party category and Size and defines a value for each combination.


The Damage Prevention can be seen in the case in the following places:

  • When opening a Resource/Party on the case: if the resource/party belongs to a category marked as preventive qualifier, in combination with choosing the Size of its business – the Damage Prevention Value will show on the Resource/Party tab.
  • Outcome/Decision tab: as displayed on the image above on Outcome/Decision tab. The resources/parties in the case, which have a prevention value, can be ticked and showed on this tab and the total value will be summarized.


Please contact the Support if you want help with setting up this function!