[CM1-262] Support added for better input/validation of phonenumbers in ER

As an ER user I would like to have an easier way to enter phone number on a party/resource and have it validated, because it is a risk I enter the phone number incorrectly resulting in making it harder to contact the party/resource and link it with already existing ones in the database.


When entering a phone number on a party/resource in ER now, you first chose the country (you can write the country name to find your country) which will provide the country code as a start of the phone number. You can also write country code manually of course. Follow with the phone number.

phone no ER

If phone number is correct and exists, the tick will be green. If incorrect number, the tick will be marked red (but phone number still kept).
Phone number ok – green tick box! 

validating phone no ER