[CM1-259] Multiple outcomes available on a case

Now support for adding multiple outcomes in a case is available! 

Before, only one possible outcome was available in a case. Now, multiple outcomes can be added and can be tracked on the Outcome/Decision tab.


Simple case – with only one outcome:

  • Continue as before and add only one outcome of the case from the drop down list (“how to continue with the case”), see below:


More complicated case – with multiple outcomes:

  • On Outcome/Decision tab – choose “Multiple outcomes” in dropdown list.
  • Create the individual outcomes/legal actions on the Do tab (here you can also communicate with the external user if you wish).
  • Every Do-action, which has an Outcome (on Do tab) and which is Signed, will show up on the Decision/Outcome tab (in table) IF “Multiple outcomes” choice is selected.
  • Each Do action (legal action) can also have an Outcome date and an Effective date (when the legal action comes into force). Dates are not mandatory to fill in.
  • This means that Do actions, not of legal type, such as sending a task or other type of action, will not have an Outcome and therefore not show on Outcome/Decision tab. 

The Multiple outcomes will show in the list below IF “Multiple outcomes” are chosen and the individual Do actions have an Outcome and are Signed.


In next update, you will be able to Add new outcomes directly from the Decision/Outcome tab. 


What do I as an Admin need to do with regards to Multiple Outcomes? 

  • Go to Settings –> Do category: 
    • Check what Do categories you have in the list.
    • Is any other Do categories needed, more of legal character? All your legal actions should be in the list. If so, add them.


  • Go to Settings –> Do outcome:
    • Check what Do Outcomes you have in the list.
    • Is any other Do Outcomes needed?
    • The Do outcomes should correspond to the legal Do categories setup above.


  • Go to Settings –> Outcome/Decision:
    • Check what Outcomes/Decisions you have in the list.
    • Is any other Outcomes/Decisions needed? If so, add them.
    • DHA has automatically added “Multiple outcomes” to your list of choices and this will appear in the dropdown list on Outcome/Decision tab.



Do Category (= legal action): “Send C&D letter”

Do Outcome: “Letter sent” or “No response on letter” etc.


If you would like Support in configuring this, please email our Support: support@dhanticounterfeit.com


In Statistics, you will be able to see all outcomes, both single and multiple ones, and an overview of all actions taken in a case.