Our clients.

Some of the largest organisations in the world already trust us in the heart of their brand protection activities.

Managing huge amount of data.

Dh Anticounterfeit’s software is helping us keep track of a huge amount of details about many cases and, equally importantly, help us cross-reference cases that we are working on with others that are pending or that we have been working on in the past. It’s great to have a centralized system for our global efforts, where we can also easily obtain relevant statistics for any given time and geographical area.


Enabled global collaboration.

The DH Anticounterfeit cloud solution enables our Anti-Counterfeiting Team to work together globally with all relevant case information in one place. The quality of our case handling has improved significantly leading to faster turnaround of cases. Further, the statistical information processed through CaseMate is very valuable for building and improving anti-counterfeiting and brand protection strategies.



Creating real efficiency.

Me and my former team at Sony Mobile has been using software from DH Anticounterfeit. It´s been great to follow the development of their platforms over the years. Without their software we could never have been as efficient as we were.


Structured for tracking cases.

I have direct access to the External Registration portal to register suspected counterfeit cases for my client, a large consumer electronics company. I find the system straight forward to use and well structured for uploading and tracking cases.



Reclaim your logo.

As a result of the increasing demand for product export, we see how counterfeiting is threatening the fashion industry. With today’s advanced technology infringers can produce products very similar or almost identical to genuine products, making it very hard for consumers to differentiate a genuine product from a fake.

For the Brand, the consequence is the loss of revenue, Brand damage, and unfair competition which could make it hard to succeed in new markets.

In these fast-evolving times digital tools like dh|a origo is a necessity for Brand Protection professionals in their fight against counterfeiters. Our platform allows collaboration and communication between internal teams, external partners, service providers, authorities, and other Brands.


Preventing loss of revenue as well as the safety of the consumers.

Counterfeiting is not limited to a few products or certain countries but a world-wide problem affecting most market segments. The most common fake vehicle parts are filters, brake pads, alloy wheels, and airbags. With today’s technology, many counterfeited parts produced are almost impossible to distinguish from the original.

Brand protection is a necessity for Brand reputation, preventing loss of revenue as well as the safety of the consumers.

With our platform dh|a origo the Brand protection team can collaborate and communicate between internal teams, external partners, service providers, authorities, and other Brands.


Reclaim your safety standards.

Counterfeit electronic parts have for a long time been a major concern for brand owners.
Many parts are almost indistinguishable from the original, made from poor quality materials and are not tested against the safety standards. This means they could easily catch fire, injure, or possibly even cause death.

Counterfeited goods are often manufactured and sold by criminal networks to fund other crimes such as human trafficking, drugs, child exploitation, prostitution and terrorism.

dh|a origo allows your team to work unified, prioritizing cases and key products. Communicate and collaborate within one central platform.


Prevent illicit trade, protect consumers and yourselves.

Brand protection plays a crucial role in the increasing global demand for medicine. Poverty, poor healthcare, or doctor wait times also result in consumers exploring new ways to purchase medicines. As consumers get more used to the digital world, they now have the option to take control of their health through smartphone apps, and other devices.

Falsified and substandard medicines kill about one million people each year, which is more than malaria, and Brands in the pharmaceutical industry need to work extremely hard on protecting their consumers and themselves.

dh|a origo allows you to work smarter, more efficiently, and prioritize cases. With our open API, we can connect to other service providers that offer track and trace solutions, advanced labels, holograms, etc. With all data in one place, you will find patterns and sources of counterfeits.



Seriously jeopardising both health and safety.

Counterfeit foods cause severe health and safety issues and can damage the confidence and trust in brands. Since food and drink are high-risk products, brand protection plays an important role to prevent these illicit products from reaching end consumers.

Our platform dh|a origo allows your team to work unified, prioritizing time and budget so you can focus on high-value targets, key products, and focus areas.


Don’t let counterfeited chemicals pollute the market.

Chemicals are ranked high-risk among the counterfeited items produced worldwide. Almost all products in our everyday life need at least one chemical process while being produced.

With the rapidly expanding population and demand for products online and offline, counterfeited chemicals pollute all market segments. Counterfeited chemicals are not properly tested and can contaminate soil, air, and water, and the exposure can result in a range of severe and/or chronic health issues or even death.
Brand protection professionals across all industries work hard with consumer awareness. 

Our platform dh|a origo helps the Brand protection team to communicate, collaborate and prioritize, to make insightful decisions in their everyday operations.


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