The workflow of CaseMate could start in many ways. Typically, customs or market investigation agencies will contact local lawyers and/or investigators once suspicious counterfeit goods are found at customs, distribution channels, retailer shops or ecommerce websites. Given this information, local lawyers and/or investigators, as the external source for the company, will create a case in External Registration and send a notification to the brand protection team.  Once the information of counterfeit goods is received, the brand protection team will build cases against the counterfeiters in CaseMate.

The cases often result in large data files that include photographs and texts of the counterfeit products, communication logs of all members involved, and other documents recording the legal process. CaseMate is able to connect the information of each individual case in a systematic way.  Not only does it provide an efficient platform to manage cases, CaseMate adds another level to brand protection by providing intelligence.  The brand protection team can utilize a search function that helps recall previous cases related to current cases.

CaseMate also builds a database to develop statistics and analysis in order to target counterfeit hot spots. At the same time, graphical analysis and sophisticated reporting can be generated as an overview of all the anti-counterfeit activities. The brand protection team can make strategic decisions and enhance the traceability of counterfeit goods with the help of the centralized database. Therefore, CaseMate is the hub that connects in-house brand protection team members with external stakeholders. It supports different roles, which can be individually customized to give different users varying levels of access to its features.

Internal BP Team

Daily case manager


Assign tasks, test purchases, interact with external counsel/web monitor/investigators, set deadlines and reminders, contact customers and police, take legal action against counterfeiters

BP Strategist

Strategic Decision Maker


Analyze statistical data, see overview of trends and focus on details, report on regional/global anti-counterfeit goals, determine budget and future activities.

Product Expert

Product Identifier


Verify fake products, create product library, submit identification report, develop anti-counterfeit labels and markings

External Investigator

Local Intelligence


Field investigation, report cases to BP team, follow-up subsequent actions, send case report.

External Lawyer

Local Lawyer


Contact local customs, public authorities and police, report case to BP team, follow-up subsequent actions, send case report.

Web Analyst

Web Analyst


Internet monitoring online environment, report case to BP team, follow-up subsequent actions, send case report.