CASEMATE - Key Features

Key Features Overview

Run your entire anti-counterfeit activities on a single, web-based software solution.

Ideally suited for large brand protection (BP) teams corporation, DH Anticounterfeits solution, CaseMate,  is an integrated suite that can run your whole BP in one place:

  • receiving case reports
  • assign tasks
  • sending letters to targets
  • communicate with external counselors
  • generate reports
  • conduct strategic data analysing

CaseMate can be successfully implemented to manage counterfeiting cases affecting any product category including fashion, industrial and consumer electronics, beverages, auto, beauty and pharma, etc.


Our streamlined processes help you to be more productive, every day

Get an overview of all your cases at a glance on Casemate’s clean, visual dashboard

You can sort cases by name, amount or stage with custom filters for actionable intel in a fraction of the time

Everyone can view, track, update, and collaborate on CaseMate at the same time; even external parties get tailor-made access with their own independent portal

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