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17 October, 2020

Is it still efficient to keep track of your brand protection cases using Excel?

With cases of counterfeiting and fraud becoming more and more prevalent, particularly in large businesses, it is important that your brand is as protected as possible. Technology is progressing all the time and this means that people trying to defraud you have more tools to hand. To counteract this, it is important that your business […]

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30 September, 2020

How brands collaborate to fight counterfeiting.

Collective actions could be the next best thing in the fight against counterfeiting, as brands team up to share information and crack down on counterfeit goods sold on popular online shopping destinations. According to The Economic Impacts of Counterfeiting and Piracy, the cost of counterfeiting will be $125 billion by 2022. Counterfeit products are not […]

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21 August, 2020

What happens to seized counterfeit goods?

The damage caused by counterfeit goods to the economy, environment and even perhaps our overall quality of life should be something of a given for most people. Perhaps Intellectual Property rights-holders are those most likely to feel the true pinch of this rogue industry, but when one considers the big picture it becomes clear that […]

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28 February, 2020

Who is manning the machine that made your kid’s newest toy?

It is understandable that cash-strapped parents will always be on the lookout for the most affordable way of keeping their children happy. The price range of sought-after branded toys can put a financial strain on the average parents’ pocket, so much so that sometimes, going for the black market knock-off may seem like a viable […]

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28 June, 2019

Transported by fakes.

When one thinks of counterfeit items, the obvious items such as branded luxury articles come straight to mind. Less known counterfeit items include fake food stuffs, and to a much lesser extent, consumers are not fully aware of the growing industry of counterfeit transport related products. Such fake products are less common when compared to […]

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29 March, 2019

China leads the way in counterfeiting: From fake Apple Stores to fake Guccis.

Silk Street is a popular shopping market in the middle of Beijing. Home to thousands of vendors, it attracts a lot of tourists during the year. Tourists are most impressed by is the huge amount of counterfeited brand items on display. Silk Street is only one example of China’s national counterfeiting problem. Most of Chinese […]

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24 January, 2019

Why the internet is fuelling the growth of counterfeit products?

Selling of counterfeit products has been around since ancient times. Wherever a market for something existed, you could be sure that someone would produce a fake to earn some profits as well. In fact, a 2015 study by the International Chamber of Commerce found that the global value of counterfeit goods was estimated to be […]

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Ocean exploration and enabling data driven decisions

The ocean is the lifeblood of Earth. It covers over seventy (70) percent of our planet, it regulates temperature, it is driving weather and supporting all living organisms. The ocean has played a decisive role in history for food, transportation, commerce, communication, innovations and inspirations. However, more than eighty (80) percent of the ocean is […]

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