Anti-counterfeit Day

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Why not combine the world anti-counterfeit day with sausage day? While members the Anti-counterfeit Group (ACG) marked the World Anti-Counterfeit Day in various ways we at DH Anticounterfeit had a Currywurst party, with a twist.

In preparation for this day, we visited one of our clients, Volkswagen, and bought genuine Volkswagen Currywurst. That’s right, Volkswagen also has a sideline in Currywurst and they sold more sausages than cars last year! We also invited the local Volkswagen dealer in this event.

We rented a sausage stand and instructed the staff how to make a true currywurst meal. Apart from a few of the sausages that were not genuine, a pirate copy, to see if our hungry employees and collaborators noticed. The lunch was a very much appreciated, some of the pirate sausages disappeared without any outcry but our Marketing Coordinator Ida Andersson noticed the lack of flavor instantly.

The June 7th , World Anti-counterfeit day is a day to reflect and think about lives affected by the counterfeit industry. It must be recognized that counterfeiting is an underground industry that’s slowly eating away at the country’s economy, endangering public health, the effects of counterfeits cannot be understated. Fittingly even the sky opened up to cry through compassion. It’s time to fight back! The members of the ACG are doing wonderful work to fight this war and we like to think we’re standing with them on the front lines.
Sure, this sausage event might not have struck a big blow to the counterfeit industry, but we hope this it brings awareness to all participants as well as you, the reader.


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