Why us?
Some of the largest corporations in the world already trust us as the Hub for their Brand Protection activities. They choose us, not only for the solution we offer, CaseMate, but also for the extra value that they get when collaborating with DH Anticounterfeit.


• We have employees who have worked in Brand Protection teams, lawyers specialized in IP, specialists in online brand protection, etc. This is a very important advantage we have compared to other companies that offer more generic case management systems as we are exclusively specialized on brand protection.


• More than 200 law service providers around the world are using the External Registration Portal to report cases for their customers. You will be able to benefit from this extensive network in case you are in need of a service provider in a determined country/region.
• We organize workshops quarterly and annually where our customers meet together and exchange experiences and views on brand protection.


• We are always developing CaseMate and adapting it to the new trends and needs of the industry. This continuous development is mainly driven by our customers who with their requests and demands help us to keep CaseMate as the most complete and modern case management brand protection solution in the market.
• You will have several new releases every year with new functionalities.


• “For a safer world” is the tagline of our company. Our software solution helps companies protect their brands and ultimately makes the world a better place. On top of that, we are a proud sponsor of the organization “Free the Slave” as slavery and child labour is very common in the counterfeiting industry. We are trying to get awareness and funds to support their work and looking for companies willing to support this vision.

DH Anticounterfeit™ facilitates brand protection teams’ work, making them more productive using an intelligent case management system with strategic insight.


In cooperation with Sony Mobile since 2007, and contributed to by brand protection managers from more IP intensive industries, DH Anticounterfeit offers the World’s Leading Brand Protection management system specialized on anti-counterfeit.


As a spin off of DH Solutions AB, Sweden, we have a long history and lots of experience of IT solutions. We work enthusiastically, listen to clients humbly, and keep our eyes on the mission of “effectively combating counterfeits”.

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