DH Anticounterfeit

DH Anticounterfeit™ has developed a web-based case management database, CaseMate,  that provides corporate brand protection (BP) teams with a system that supports their everyday operations. CaseMate is for owners of intellectual property and BP teams who want to streamline operations when it comes to case management, reporting and data analysing of anti-counterfeiting activities.

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About Anti-counterfeit

Product counterfeiting, theft of intellectual property and trademark infringement is a growing problem all over the world, estimated to amount to between 5-7 percent of total world trade.


The problem affects most sectors and imposes significant economic and social consequences, especially for consumer protection. These illegal businesses threaten the health and safety of consumers, creating huge loss for the owners of IPRs and deprive governments of tax revenue.


Many companies are  actively working to combat the problem by setting up a permanent entity, an anti-counterfeit activities (ACA) team or brand protection team (BP) within the organisation, that works tirelessly to detect and fight fraud and counterfeit.

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