When brand protection matters.

We believe that a brand is a company’s most valuable asset for creating sustainable business.

Protect profit

sales and revenue.

Protect innovation

and making new discoveries.

Protect influence

equity, trust and reputation.

Protect investments

and trying to make a difference.

Protect people

and society from illegalities.

Protect health & safety

of producers and consumers.

What we offer.

A world leading digital solution that empowers brand protection teams in their everyday work.

Our clients are global owners of intellectual property and brand protection teams who want to streamline, digitalize and professionalize their operations, case & project management, intelligence & data analysis, collaboration, communication & reporting of anti-counterfeiting activities.



Manage your everyday operations.

A first class digital platform that reinvents brand protection management.

Manage your everyday operations and make insightful decisions with dh|a origo™ against counterfeiting, intellectual property theft, unauthorized use and non-compliance sales networks. Secure your exclusivity and prestige by working in a single unified SaaS platform at the center of your brand protection activities.

dh|a origo™ a premium experience.

The number one legal tech solution for brand protection teams making insightful decisions.




Collaborating with internal teams, external partners, and authorities is the key to win the battle against counterfeiters globally. We make multi-parties’ work easy.




Identifying products, finding the patterns and sources of counterfeits are the daily challenges in the enforcement. We help you to gain product knowledge quickly, find the roots and connections. 




Communicating case progress, sharing identification results and target information is crucial for great teamwork. We have the perfect platform to follow the entire communication history of each case.




Prioritizing time and budget so you can focus on high-value targets, key products, and focus areas. We perceive and standardize your decision- making process so you can focus on value-added activities.




Quantify the value of your activities, seizure values, compensations, and show the significance of your work. We challenge you to go from reactive to proactive, from impossible to possible.

About us.

We are brand protection professionals.

Accelerating brand protection and transforming the legal game. 


Our solutions are designed by brand protection professionals for brand protection professionals.


We have passion and dedication for brand protection since 2007 in the forefront of legal tech.


We have proven and certified SaaS solutions through security compliance of ISO 27001 and TISAX.


We are trusted by some of the largest brands in the center of their brand protection.


We have a worldwide brand protection network cross industries with users in over 60 countries.


We offer first class experience, built with perfection and intelligence based on years of knowledge and million records of data.

Our clients.

We are helping the world of industries.

Trade in fake goods is now 3.3% of world trade and rising. Trade in fake goods, which infringe on trademarks and copyright, creates profits for organised crime gangs at the expense of companies and governments. 


As a consequence of the booming demand for exports, counterfeiting is skyrocketing in the fashion and accessories industry.


The parts market is rife with counterfeits due to the demand for quality products and the expansion of sales channels- and markets.


Counterfeit electronics have rapidly become a major concern for brand owners.


As we become more digitally reliant and the global demand for medicine increases, brand protection plays a critical role.


Counterfeit foods jeopardise health and safety and can severely damage trust and confidence in brands.


Chemicals surround us in our daily lives – from food, cosmetics and clothing to transportation and technology, chemicals are the building blocks of the things we use and consume.

We are proud to be appointed to lead.

We are responsible for drafting guidelines in the field of brand protection to support the new ISO standard.

ISO 22386 will contain guidelines for brand protection and enforcement procedures. The vision is to give world-class guidelines for the practices, procedures and systems to ensure the quality, safety and efficiency of brand protection.

Read about the new ISO standard and other articles.


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