CaseMate® – The Profit Protection hub for your anti-counterfeiting activities

CaseMate is a web-based case management system designed for IP owners and brand protection teams. This powerful tool supports and speeds up daily administrative operations, as well as help top management take strategically important decisions.

News & Events

  • 02 Oct DH Anticounterfeit attends IP Seminar @ VOLVO CARS 8-9 Oct

    Meet Lella Brauner (VP Marketing and CSR) and Joakim Gustafsson (CEO) in the IP Seminar in Gothenburg 8-9 Oct and learn why four of the largest automotive companies trust in us and CaseMate. CaseMate is the ultimate tool for all your brand protection cases –......

  • 11 Sep Meet us at Global Brand Protection Summit, 25-26 Sep

    WHAT WILL TAKE PLACE DURING THE EVENT? We, together with Fridays For Future, will talk about how counterfeiting impact the climate and which side effects it brings. We will showcase CaseMate Classic, our Case Management System specially designed for Brand Protection We will showcase CaseMate,......

  • 29 May Global Brand Protection Innovation Programme, 17-18 June

    DH Anticounterfeit will be attending the Global Brand Protection Innovation Programme, which takes place between the 17 – 18 June 2019, in London. Every brand needs their heroes. Every hero needs superpowersProtecting a brand can be a hard struggle and a tough fight. The enemy......