In this day and age, there are many things to be proud of. We’ve come a long way. We see a new generation grow up, with strong values and a completely different view of the world. A generation that grew up in this age of information where values such as Equality, Ecology, Justice and Diversity have come close to their hearts. They force us to change. They force the market to change. We suddenly hear big corporations talk about responsibilities. Economic and environmental as well as social responsibilities. They speak up. The only way to spread the word and make a change is to speak up.

All of us fighting counterfeits are contributing to a better world. Protecting your brand is all about taking responsibility. Responsibility for your company and staff, your customers and consumers, the environment and for people less fortunate than the rest of us. However, we are not very good at speaking up. We should.

We all have our own agendas but whatever the reason, by showing the good we do, we inspire others to do the same. We are sending out a message, to consumers, that we take our responsibilities very seriously.

The down sides of counterfeiting are many. An airbag that failed to save a life. A medical treatment with no effect. A charger that blew up and started a fire. These are the obvious hazards. If we look behind the scenes, we will also find child labour, trafficking, environmental disasters and slavery.

At DH Anticounterfeit we are proud of our tagline: For a Safer world – an umbrella of responsibilities. We are currently supporting the NGO Free the Slaves and their fight against trafficking and slavery. Together, we will raise awareness about Trafficking and Slavery.

Together For a Safer World.

CaseMate – The Brand Protection hub for your anti-counterfeiting activities

CaseMate is a web-based case management system designed for IP owners and brand protection teams. This powerful tool supports and speeds up daily administrative operations, as well as help top management take strategically important decisions.