Shaping the future of global brand protection

Empower your team to work smarter and focus on making an impact. Our digital workspace allows Brand Protection Teams, Legal Teams & Investigators to streamline, automate, & improve productivity in their everyday work against trademark infringements, counterfeits, grey market, & pirated goods.

“ Enabled global collaboration ”

The DH Anticounterfeit’s cloud solution enable ours anti-counterfeiting team to work together globally with all relevant case information in one place. The quality of our case management has improved significantly leading to faster turnaround of cases.

“ Involving internal and external stakeholders “

The integration with React’s system and the ability to involve all our external vendors are very beneficial to us. Also, the intelligence that Origo offers in terms of automatically detecting repeat infringers and matching targets allows us to focus our efforts and resources and be more efficient.

“ Managing amount of valuable data “

DH Anticounterfeit platform helps us keep track of a vaste number of details related to our cases and equally importantly, help us cross-reference between new and historical cases. It’s great to have centralised modern system for our global efforts.

With great brands come great responsibility

We are taking every step for your success. With Origo, our digital workspace for brand and trademark protection, we have been helping organizations and global enterprises to digitalize, streamline and optimize their brand protection work since 2007.

Empower your brand protection team, legal team and investigators with our brand protection management platform, a digital workplace for all your brand protection needs

Our brand and trademark protection management platform helps professionals in their daily work against trademark infringements, counterfeits, grey market and pirated goods.


Avoid falling behind

No matter what industry, it is becoming more difficult for brands to manually keep track of cases, products, and parties across multiple markets; collaborating with various partners and stakeholders; and building the connection between the online and offline world.


Instant time to value

Combining innovative technology and industry expertise we support thousands of users from global brands and IP professionals. Our digital workspace for brand protection will enable your team to increase productivity, meet your objectives, and focus on what matters.


Increase impact

The more data you collect and the more activities you engage in, our digital workspace assists you in identifying risks and prioritizing the most harmful offenders. This approach allows you to focus your actions where they can have the most significant impact.

Case management

Digitalize, streamline and automate workflows and tasks

You’ve invested significant effort in building your brand, and now it’s time to secure it with Origo, your trusted Brand Protection Management system. With Origo, you can effortlessly oversee all your Brand Protection activities within a unified platform. Effectively manage communication with your team, legal partners, and investigators. Optimize your legal expenditure by prioritizing infringers based on real-time data. Ensure the protection of both your customers and your brand investment.

Collaboration & communication

Simplifying collaboration with law firms and investigators

Balancing brand protection responsibilities and deadlines, especially when collaborating with multiple law firms and investigators, can be a daunting task. However, Origo offers a top-tier solution for all your collaboration needs. Set tasks with due dates and receive timely reminders for all your partners, organized by priority, to maximize the effectiveness of your brand protection efforts.

DH Anticounterfeit's digital platform Origo, product identification
Analytics & insights

Make decisions fast based on insights and analytics

Don’t let a lack of insights or real-time data slow down your decision-making process. Origo empowers Brand Protection professionals to make swift decisions based on comprehensive analytics. Say goodbye to educated guesses with outdated systems. Origo provides intelligence that traces the origins of repeat infringers, allowing you to identify the root causes of harm to your business and take appropriate action.

Investing in brand protection

You invested in building your brand, now invest to protect it

Companies around the world are under pressure to protect themselves against counterfeiting, grey market, trademark infringement, illicit trade, supply chain security threats, unauthorized sellers & resellers. To meet these threats, they are now taking the next step to digitalizing their brand protection work.

A brand is the most valuable asset for creating a sustainable business. Companies invest in their brands, trademarks and IP rights because that is what distinguishes them from others.

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